Simple Tension Rod Shoe Storage

Tension Rod Storage

This is a ridiculously simple way to store your shoes in an inconspicuous area. It’s easily customizable to your shoe organizing needs. You can choose the height of each “shelf” and it’s great for renters not looking to damage the walls. My landlord specifically asked that we not use command hooks or any similar products, so tension rods it is!(^Clearly I need to add another shelf–I’ll update the post when I do!)

Here’s how to do it:

Step One:

Buy two tension rods. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $2.37 a piece. If you plan on doing multiple levels buy accordingly (2 rods per level).

Tension Rod Storage

Step Two:

Clear the area where you will be putting the rods. I put mine on the side of my closet where there was underutilized space…or should I say sloppily utilized space?

                              Tension Rod Storage                                              Tension Rod Storage

Step Three:

Time to tighten the rods!  There is a trick to this. First, make sure the rubber feet on either end are pushed down firmly. As for tightening I recommend keeping one end higher than the other to start. Tighten as much as you can at the diagonal. This allows you to accentuate the tightening  so that when you finally level the rod, it will stay PUT!

Tension Rod Storage

I know, it’s not mind blowing at all…it’s just something that took me ten successful fails to recognize. Here’s to saving you time (cheers!).

Now you should have two successfully parallel rods ready to hold lots of shoes.

Step Four:

Line up your shoes. This solved my boot problem. Too many boots, too little space. Absolutely a first world problem.

With this setup I preferred my boots facing me. It helps having the wall as support for my boot-legs (pool noodles are helpful tools also).Evidently, my closet is only wide enough for 3.5 pairs of boots, so I chose to stack my shorties.


Pool Noodle

Tension Rod Storage

Tension Rod Storage


If you’re using this for shoes and not boots, you can stagger them to fit more onto each layer like so:

The straight line looks a bit more crisp, but ultimately won’t fit as many shoes. It’s up to you to choose your style!Tension Rod Storage

Thanks for stopping by! Happy organizing 🙂


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    • amber says:

      It’s super easy!! Well…easier now that I found the trick to getting to stay. Haha. It took me about ten times of the boots falling to figure it out ;-). Yay!

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