Simple DIY Shoe Organizing Solution

Wooden Milk Crate Shoe Storage

Original “Pinspiration” is from:

Elsie and Emma over at  “A Beautiful Mess

I saw their use of the milk crates (below) and knew I had to make something of that nature!



My Finished Product:

What I Used:

Qty. Item

1 pkg

1 pkg

4 or 5


1 pkg

Wooden Milk Crates

Mending Plate Double Wide 2″ Zinc4 pack

Mending Plate 2″ Zinc 4 pack

Legs (reasonable height)

Guerilla Glue

Short screws for attaching boxes together





Acquiring these items:

I acquired 2 of my wooden boxes from Joann’s, and the other from Home Depot. I  bought all three of them with valid coupons while they were on sale. This brought the cost down to less than $8.75 per box. Be sure to check Craigslist or your local thrift store for good deals, too.

The legs I used came with our entertainment center. We removed them from the entertainment center for aesthetic reasons. Legs are not necessary for this piece but I wanted a solution to my flip flop mess! The legs allow you to slide the flip flops right underneath, creating extra storage. You can use any legs that tickle your fancy.


Step One:

Set your boxes up how you want them to be stacked. These were my brainstorms:

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage Shoe Storage Shoe Storage Shoe Storage Shoe Storage Shoe Storage

I was originally set on making a bench…but I decided to keep the shudder around for another project in the house.

Step Two:

Lay boxes face-down exactly as you want them.

Attach first double wide bracket to what will be the very bottom of the boxes. I did the top part first.


Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe Organizing Solution



Step Three:

Attach the second bracket to the bottom. Don’t tighten it all the way until the very end (sometimes tightening can lead to an imbalance of the boxes in the beginning…perhaps this is my lack of expertise in woodworking/crooked drilling habits).

Shoe Organizing Solution

Step Four:

I drove short screws through each bar on my vertical box to secure each horizontal box like so:

Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe organizing

Step Five:

Attach brackets to secure both horizontal boxes together (both functional and aesthetic purpose).

Shoe Organizing Solution

Follow up with a bracket on the other side.

Shoe Organizing Solution

Shoe Organizing Solution

Step Six:

Attach a small bracket to secure the top of the back side.

Shoe Organizing Solution

Step Seven:

Prepare to glue on the legs (unless you want to screw them in…in which case I can’t help you!).

I put the legs on how I wanted them beforehand:


Guerilla Glue works best with a dampened wooden surface, so I used a damp rag to wet both the leg and the box where they will meet.

Shoe Organizing Solution

Don’t use too much glue because it expands and spreads a lot!

Shoe Organizing Solution

Step Eight:

Allow legs to dry over night (use something to weigh them down).

Shoe Organizing Solution

The latest take on “modern art”:


Remember how I said lay out the legs the way you want them before gluing? Well…oops. I glued one of them on backwards and it ruined the whole look. Luckily, there is a trick to undoing your nicely done glue job: Acetone.

Shoe Organizing Solution

Thankfully that was my biggest “fail” of this project. I hadn’t painted, so I didn’t need to worry about the acetone stripping the color. Maybe someday I’ll decide I want to paint it…but for now I’m enjoying the two toned, natural look!

Here’s the final product with the leg glued on properly:

Wooden Milk Crate Shoe Storage

shoe storage



What I did differently than my friends at A Beautiful Mess:

I attached my crate together to make it a more stable unit.

I added legs to the bottom  for additional storage, for the look, and because I planned on putting it right near a floor vent (to avoid airflow restriction).

I left the boxes raw with no paint or color because I liked the purity of the wood.

I used the highest part of the crate as a catch-all for keys, sunglasses and other things.


Thanks for joining me! Happy building. 😉



Signature <3 Amber

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