Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Duh!

better latte than never

During my junior year of college one of my professors showed the video “Annie’s Story of Stuff.” It’s about consumption rates and how wasteful we are as a society. It’s actually quite alarming. This video helped change my perspective on the consequences of unnecessary purchases and inadequate recycling practices. I think it has changed my overall way of life, honestly. When I first watched this it put the DIY-me into overdrive. Now I love doing projects and finding new uses for old things. It’s thrify, costs less [usually], is less consuming, and is just better. 

If you have several minutes or are just sittin’ on the toilet you should definitely watch the video. I apologize if this leaves you feeling regretful of past purchases (I’m actually not that sorry….).

What I really apologize for is getting the “sittin’ on the toilet” song stuck in your head. ENJOY!

The average person now consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago….” DANG!

I am constantly trying to find ways to re-use things that I already own. This is especially so since we have moved to Fayetteville, AR because the recycling here is so sub-par. For example:

  1. They don’t tax soda cans or bottles of any kind. So, you can’t return them back for what feels like a stupendous refund. In Michigan it was $.10 per can. According to NPR people actually smuggle cans into Michigan. For that, I can’t blame them!
  2. My recycling bin is still full of all the plastic I threw in there weeks ago. They are very particular about the “numbers” on the plastic. I come from a one-stream system, what can I say?

 recycling1 recycling

…but don’t worry I still have mad love for you Fay[etteville]. Woooo Pig sooei! …Did I get that right?

[Update:] I went to the recycling center hoping to recycle the leftover stuff that they don’t grab during roadside pickup. Unfortunately, only one cup was recyclable out of everything I brought. This needs to change! Look at how much plastic I had to throw away yesterday:

Better Latte than NeverBetter Latte than NeverBetter Latte than Never

I feel so ashamed! If you have any fun ideas for repurposing your trash or buying less plastics at the grocery store leave a comment below. I’d love to hear some of your ideas.


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