Project “Pinspired”: Console Table

Console Table DIY

Scott and I saw this table on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. It’s actually inspired by Pottery Barn (except they charges $1,798–or $989 on sale)! Consider it a date night and a DIY!

Shopping List:

Qty. Item Price
4 2″x 2″ 8 ft. Strip Boards $7.68
1 12″x 6′ Common Board-Pine  $13.64
1 Box 3″ Screws-Drywall $6.97
1 Box 3/4″ Screws-Wood $3.92
1 Pkg 100 Grit Sandpaper $
1 220 Grit Sandpaper $4.67
1 Carpenter Square $4.97
2 Rustoleum-Oil Rubbed Bronze (Metallic) $
8 oz MinWax Dark Walnut Wood Finish Stain $4.78
8 oz MinWax Polycrylic (Water Base) Protect. Finish $8.98
12 Brackets (Zmax 18-guage Galve Steel Angle) $6.96

Cuts to Make

Item Inches # of Cuts Use
2″x 2″ Strip Board 6″ 6  Connector
2″x 2″ Strip Board 44″ 4  Width
2″x 2″ Strip Board 34″ 4  Height

Our generous calculations say that this table costs $75 or less. We spent the max $75 because we needed everything on the list, except a drill. Throw your own twist on it–use paint you already have, or leftover stain from another project you did before. Anything to make it your own! OR–you can just copy our plan :-). We’d be flattered!

No kreg jig? NO PROBLEMS! When it comes to tools we have nothing but a drill and some common sense! If you’re equipped with better tools, you can probably skip some of our unnecessary steps. Otherwise, follow along below!

Project Pinspired

Console TableStep 1: Create two boxes.

  • Each box = two long (44″) and two medium (34″) wood pieces.

(We pre-drilled holes with a 5/32 drill bit before drilling the screws through to prevent cracks in the wood.)

  • We allowed the longer (44″) 2×2’s to nest within the shorter (34″) ones to keep the true height.

Our squares:

Project Pinspired

Console table

Step 2: Attach boxes with 6″ cross pieces

  • 1 per corner
  • 1 per side about halfway up (at~17″ up for ours)

Step 3: Sand any rough edges with 100 grit sand paper

Step 4: Attach Brackets (w/ wood screws) to reinforce (only the bottom portion)

  • See photo below:

Step 5: Spray paint base- Use several coats for desired color (we did 2-3)

Step 6: Spray paint (8) extra brackets

Project Pinspired 5

(^Bracket placement)

Project Pinspired 6

Console Table

Step 7: Attach table top to base with brackets.

  • Be sure to use your short wood screws here! You don’t want those 3″ ones to come out the other end!

Console Table

Console Table


We did a few things differently than our friends over at eastcoastcreative:

  1. We allowed someone at Home Depot to do our cutting for us (many mixed reviews on this-but we had success!)
  2. We chose different sized cuts for our 2×2’s (choose the height & width that works best for your space)
  3. We sanded..and sanded some more!
  4. We stained the table top before attaching it to the base
  5. We used brackets to secure all corners as well as the table top
  6. We put a protective finish over the stain

To each their own! Since we aren’t experts we figured these extra steps would help to keep the final product sturdy!


Blooper(aka an average day in the life of our DIYs):

Here’s one problem you may run into if you do this project on a sheet in your small living room!





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  1. Sherri osterhout says:

    I really like the table . I think getting the wood cut at Lowe’s was good idea.I like the sheet nice touch. You guys did a great job,and what you saved.

    • amber says:

      Why thank you! It was definitely cheaper to get them cut rather than buying a table saw (even though I’d love to have one). You rock for the comment, lady. Appreciate ya! (Love you, mom)

  2. Angelina Ayers says:

    You built your own table?! You two are amazing! This is a great DIY, thanks for sharing the details…maybe someday I’ll be adventurous enough give it a try!

    • amber says:

      It was a ton of fun because we knew nothing about building. Hahaha. But I love putting my drill to work :-).I’ll bet you guys would make an awesome table!!

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