My Corner Bookmark

On one of my days off I felt like doing something simple, fun, creative but not labor intensive. I was feeling lazy yet ambitious…what a weird combination, right? I was catching up on my Crafty Girls videos and saw one that was super useful for me, a corner bookmark. I have a small agenda book that I keep in my purse but can never find what page I’m on without taking a million years. Worry no more, problem solved!

I followed their instructions like so:

corner bookmark1

So, I didn’t get as creative with my decorations as the girls did (I think that was my combination of ambition and laziness). If I decide to pretty it up I will update! But for now…I can keep my place in my agenda book with this cute, nifty marker. Thanks Crafty Girls!


You should do it….because why not? Use a fun newspaper article, a comic, your favorite magazine, the possibilities are endless and this is something that can be useful!




  1. Angelina says:

    I love this! Rachel read it this morning and it she thought it was so cool that you shared it. She tried to leave a comment but apparently forgot to hit “Post”. 🙂 You are the sweetest. <3

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