Is it Spring Yet?


To some, spring means MUD–and to others it means CLEAN! I love “spring cleaning” even when it’s not spring. Okay, part of that’s a lie….I don’t like to clean per se…but I love to organize and find new ways to make my home more efficient and less of an upkeep. I actually dislike the repetitive nature of cleaning and picking up, so the less I have to do of it the better (what a weird cycle, right?).

I’m constantly trying to make my home easier to enjoy!

Below are a few blogs & ideas I’ve found along the way that helped kick start my “declutterization” and jump start my appreciation for the things I already have:


I love this quote!

Click on any of the pictures in this slideshow for their source and for more detailed info. 🙂

The Question:
Would I choose to go out and buy this thing again right now today if I didn’t have it?
Yes? Keep it!
No? Bye bye!
No, but it's the best I have for now? Keep until you find an upgrade!

Declutter by category or by room. Either way Tico and Tina give a great guide to starting your  journey!
"Once you make the conscious decision to own less stuff, you automatically stop seeking out new stuff to bring into your home."
This is a great info-graphic to keep handy when you're going through your clothes. It helps make your decisions just a bit easier!
"Minimalist Living: The freedom to have what you want"
-Tico and Tina
This one's the toughest for me. I'm still a serious work in progress because I attach emotion to things. But the more you get rid of "stuff" the easier it gets, and the better you feel. Seriously! I promise! Try putting the stuff you are planning to get rid of in a box and hide it in storage. Did you miss it? Probably not! That's a good sign that getting rid of it truly doesn't impact your life.

Do you have a habit, like me, of keeping old birthday cards or holiday cards from people you love or don't hear from often? This is a website that allows you to donate those cards.They recycle the cards and create new ones. The money made from the new cards goes toward helping children who were victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. As long as there is no writing on the greeting card side, you can cut it off and ship it.
I love knowing that something that gave me such joy to receive can go toward helping children!

Send Cards to:

St. Jude's Ranch for Children
Recycled Card Program

100 St. Jude’s Street

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Recycled Card Program

100 St. Jude’s Street


7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need:

1) It’s such a good deal.

2) I’ll need this eventually.

3) I can always return it.

4) I don’t have anything quite like this.

5) This will help me be more like (insert name here).

6) One for her/him, one for me.

7) I DESERVE this, and it will make me feel better about (insert problem here).

Try this:

  • Think of something worth saving up for.
  • Before heading to the mall or grocery store, tell someone what you plan to purchase there.
  • Ignore advertisements
  • Force yourself to write down 5-10 real, legitimate reasons why you need that item

Read more about that



         is the new more.”



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