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Joyous Health Affirmation #6!:

So, I haven’t posted in a while and I’m okay with that. I’m on a health kick (are you surprised?) and have been for quite some time. I don’t actually consider it a health kick, I consider it a lifestyle change that I have been working on for quite some time. It’s my own little baby steps to a happier, healthier, and hopefully longer living, me. I’m working from the inside out for improved mental health and clarity, and for a better understanding of how my body works and digests. From these changes I will gain better skin, hair & nails, and better overall health and well-being. I will also rely less upon unnatural things as I slowly simplify my life.

It’s not just about nutrition and exercise but also about technology and social media and relying less upon them, too. It has been so refreshing not to have to keep up with everyone on social media. I’m sorry that I missed that your son had a Dr. Suess themed birthday party…but maybe we can talk about how fun it was via conversation! That is not to say that I don’t enjoy a good post once in a while, but let’s be real!

I have really enjoyed making these adjustments and improvements to my life and I feel that by doing these little things it has inspired others to partake. I recently sent my mom “The Stash Plan” book written by Laura Prepon and her dietitian Elizabeth Troy. I think that this was her turning point for making improvements in her life, too. I love seeing my mom make super healthy choices (like bone broth…YUM). I feel like that means I get to keep her around for even longer. She has never been overweight or super unhealthy, but there is something about watching those you love make good decisions for themselves. Just knowing that my mom throws chia seeds in everything she eats makes me happy. What.is.wrong.with.me? Hahaha! By taking simple baby steps to improving your health it makes you feel just a bit happier every day. 🙂

It’s definitely helpful to educate yourself in what is actually good for you, like fat. FAT. FAT. FAT. It’s good for you y’all! Contrary to popular belief, skinny anything is horrible for you. Read about it in one of these books: The Stash Plan, Eat Fat Get Thin, Make Your Own Rules Diet, or Joyous Health.

Joyous Health is what I’m reading right now and loving it. The author is Joy McCarthy and she also has a slew of youtube videos that I find very educational. I also love listening to podcasts while I’m walking the dog, in the car, cooking, or cleaning. Hearing people chat about health is so inspiring. It makes you want to go make the best decisions for yourself. My go-to podcasts are: The Ultimate Health Podcast, Good Life Project, and a plethora of different Ted Talks.

My favorite episodes from the Ultimate Health Podcast are:

This Podcast is a fairly recent discovery for me, so I haven’t listened to that many episodes. These are the episodes that I’ve favored and found inspirational. Hopefully they inspire you, too! I can’t tell you how easy it is to download the podcast app to your phone and just download an episode to listen to when doing stuff around the house. I do recommend downloading the episodes for sure. This way if you leave the house you’re not streaming on your device and chomping up your precious 3 or 4g.

Random tip: You know what I also did? I organized my iphone so that the first page that I see is only things that I use DAILY–and only things I want to be using daily. I put Facebook a few pages back so that it was not easy to get to. Social media becomes such an easy thing to click on when you’re on your phone. It’s oddly habitual and that’s scary. If you can delete social media from your device altogether, more power to you. I hope that helps you gain focus and appreciation for other things. My goal is to eventually feel okay about deleting all social media from my phone. The issue I don’t want to have, then, is to make up for lost social media time on my computer when I get home. I think this slow transition might help ease me into less social media all together, without feeling like I’m “missing out.”

Random Health Question: I’m still working on figuring out why with each sip of my coffee I hiccup once. Yupp, one singular little hiccup. I don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach and I drink coffee from the shop I work at. We lightly roast our coffee which has a very low acidity level. According to the roasters, our coffee’s acidity level is only 1 notch above what mineral water is. My hiccup doesn’t worry me but I definitely find it puzzling and slightly fascinating. It shows you just how crazy your body is. Treat it right!

Think of healthy eating this way: If your food can go bad, it’s good for you. If it can’t go bad, it’s bad for you.

Pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.

I choose food that nourishes my mind, body and soul.:




  1. Angelina says:

    Bone broth, chia seeds, and FAT?!! I’m so excited for you!! We eat lots of bone broth here, have for years, and LOVE healthy fat! Now to get you drinking raw milk. 🙂 Way to go, Amber!! <3

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