DIY Holiday Gift Idea Under $10

better latte than never

better latte than neverFor my cousins birthday I wanted to make her something that she would be able to enjoy for years to come. I saw string art from several different sources and decided that I had all resources necessary to make one of my own!

This was my original inspiration from JoAnn Fabrics:


Then I did a bit more digging on pinterest and saw this:

Better Latte than Never

Since my cousin is so crafty I decided to make this in a way that allowed her to give it the final creative touches. I did the first part of the project, similar to the star from JoAnns, and sent her the stuff to finish it!

String Art

The wood piece was leftover “scrap” from the console table we built. I also had the spray paint on hand from a previous project. The clothespins & nail kits were from DollarTree & the picture hangers were from WalMart. 

What you need:

  • One wooden board
  • Small nails
  • String
  • Picture hanging wire and hooks
  • Saw Tooth picture hanger
  • Clothespins
  • Spray Paint
  • Time: to let paint dry

 Total: About $9


I spray painted the wood since it had lots of imperfections. Normally I’m a sucker for natural wood, but there was no salvaging this guy!

String Art



I printed a large picture of a heart and measured dots as a guide for the nails.


I put a nail on the top and the bottom of the heart to anchor it down for hammer-time.

better latte than never


I continued hammering nails approximately where I put my marks. Sometimes I improvised because I thought it would look better. The most important thing to remember is the height of the nail. Don’t get too excited and hammer it in too far!

Better latte than never


Take off the paper! This is a good way to tell if any of the nails need more hammering because any loose ones will want to pop out with the pulling of the paper.

Better Latte Than NeverSixth:

Attach hooks and picture-hanging wire to the bottom of the board. I put the hooks pretty close to the edge to give more room for clothes pins. To attach them you just twist them into place. I did not predrill holes for the screw eyes, ya know, I used my really strong carpenter hands. (hah)

Better Latte Than Never


Attach saw-tooth hanger on the back of the frame. Make sure to measure half-way!

better latte than never


Add the clips of your choice. I chose plain wooden clothes pins. Add any embellishments you’d like on the pins. If I had glitter I would have mod-podged the front of each clip and sprinkled glitter on each of them.

I used my clips to attach a birthday note and directions for my cousin to finish the project. It was almost as if we were able to do a craft “together” even thought we’re miles apart.


Hang anything you want from the clothespins!

better latte than never

Send this version to someone who might want to finish it. Otherwise, continue on to lace the nails with string!

This is what mine looked like before and after I sent it. She sent me a photo of her finished product. The best part is that this gift inspired she and her mom to hang everything in her room that has been waiting to go on the wall for years. Yay! I love sparking inspiration and creativity. I’ll take that as a win in my book!

string art

Here are a few hanging ideas to get the creative juices flowin’:



Cards or mail


Lightweight scarves

Single socks (if you hang it in your laundry room)


Herbs for drying

Kitchen towels


Ornaments or decorations

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