Ultimate Guide to Getting those “Rich Pins” on Pinterest

Rich Pin Example

It all started with a google search of “how do you add detail to pins on pinterest“. Of course everything starts with a Google search now-a-days, right? Hold on–let me Google that.

The first thing to pop up is “Rich Pins | Pinterest for Business“. That didn’t mean anything to me! But then I Googled “Rich Pins”  and found too much information with no concise instructions for me to follow. Many resources had one specific part of the transition…but nothing easy to follow step-by-step.
So many tutorials out there make it more complicated than it really is! I did some digging, combined some tutorials, and decided the easiest way for me (without having to do all that FTP nonsense-whatever that means!). Below I will show you my resources and what I’ve pieced together to get my Rich, bountiful Pins.

Summary: You will be converting to a business Pinterest, verifying your site, validating a pin & creating Rich Pins.

First things first, you have to convert your Pinterest to a Business site.

Rich Pin Business Convert

Admittedly I was a bit scared to convert my Pinterest into a Business Pinterest because I thought it might mess up my pins, or they wouldn’t get transferred and I would have wasted my time on Pinterest with nothing to show. Thankfully it didn’t change a thing! All the switch does is add analytics to your page so you can see what drives people to your account (and eventually it will allow to add Rich pins). I eventually stumbled upon this post  and found it incredibly helpful for step 1.

Second: Go to your Pinterest – Click on Analytics – Click to Confirm Website:

rich pin click for meta data

Pinterest won’t allow you to see all of your analytics until your website has been verified or “confirmed”. Clicking that button will bring you to your meta data information.

Third: Copy your Meta Data (MD) Code

rich pin meta data copy

Fourth: Add Yoast as a Plugin if you Don’t Have it Already

Rich Pin Yoast Plugin

If you don’t have Yoast SEO as a plugin, you should definitely download it (just go to Plugins/add new/search for: Yoast SEO). It is extremely helpful optimizing your site. Additionally, Yoast will let you decide how different social platforms link to your website or blog. This means  that with the proper steps you will sync with Pinterest and create those Rich pins you desire. Shanndelier’s blog and Codefetti were both helpful resources for figuring out what steps to take with Yoast.

Fifth: Click SEO/Social:

rich pin social

Here’s what that looks like:

rich pin social

Make sure you have the proper links in place for your accounts

Sixth: Choose Pinterest Tab -Paste MD into Box -Save -Click to Verify

rich pins 3 steps verify

After you save the changes your MD code will turn into a new code. No need to worry about this. It is irrelevant to what we are doing here.

Here is a zoomed version of this same step just to clarify what we’re doing:

rich pin meta data paste click to verify

When you click to verify it will bring you to Pinterest’s steps on adding MD to your page. You will be pasting your Meta Data to one other place before the process is over.

Seventh: You’re brought to Pinterest’s Instructions:

This is what you see after clicking “verify your site with Pinterest”

Rich Pin Meta Data Steps


Rich Pin paste meta data step


Step two sounded like jibberish to me. After further research I figured out exactly where  to paste the meta data without ruining my entire blog in the process! Here goes…

Eigth: Pasting Meta Data to the <head>

Click: Appearance/Editor

Rich Pin Appearance Editor

Ninth: Click “Header,” Paste Meta Data & Save Changes


RIch Pins Header Paste

It will either say; header, header.php, theme-header.php or something very similar to that.

Paste your Meta Data (found in Step 3) between <head> and </head>. Specifically paste it just before </head> which is the last line before the body begins.

Tenth: Check Pinterest

Rich PinsFinished and confirmed

Under your Pinterest Settings you will see that your Website has now been confirmed.

Finally: Validate a Pin

Rich Pin validator

If you have a recipe plugin (I have easyrecipe) it makes creating rich pins a breeze. Just choose the url from one of your recipe pins to validate.

Just sign on to your blog, click on a pin, copy the url and paste it in the Pinterest Validator.  It is that easy…I validated one pin and it synced all of my pins. For non-recipe pins it  lists the intro to each post. How cool!


This is a great resources if steps 7-10 get a bit confusing. Follow my step 3 (copying your meta data) and at 1:22s this youtuber breaks down where to paste it to your heading.

Good Luck!

<3 Amber

Fix your Keurig at Home


So, my mom’s Keurig sounded like it was dying. It would start a brew cycle and then die out just before the water started dripping. Once in a while it would produce mayyybe a 1/4 cup of coffee…when it felt like it. I decided I really wanted my morning coffee and  I’m sure she was getting tired of dealing with a broken Keurig. I did a whole lot o’ research and tried a few different things to get it up and running again. There are a lot of different components to the Kuerig and I tried everything that I could from top-to-bottom, front-to-back, without breaking the darn thing!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 2 separate cups of super-hot water
  2. A philips-head screw driver
  3. Pliers
  4. A flavor injector

Flavor Injector

I bought this one from Bed Bath & Beyond for under $5

It comes with two needle-like attachments.

UPDATE: Found same thing at the Dollar Tree!


Here’s What I Did:

First: Empty Water Reservoir, Remove Excess Water & Force Water through Filter

Use your fun (needle-less) flavor injector to suck up any water left behind in the bottom from the reservoir. Wipe the crevices with a cloth.Then, force very hot water through the filter with the empty reservoir attached.


This is a good step to take when you don’t want to bother with taking the bottom apart.

Second: Prep the Coffee Maker

Remove the water reservoir, unplug it and lay it on its side atop a towel.

Better Latte than Never

While doing everything else, take apart the k-cup holder and soak it in hot water.

Third: Open the Bottom

Use a Philips-head screwdriver to open the bottom. Inside you’ll see a flexible tube with a metal ring around it. Next, remove the screws on the black cap over the flexi-tube.



Fourth: Detach the Flexi-tube

Take out the flexi-tube by using the pliers to move the metal ring up the tube. Squeeze the two separate pieces together to loosen and move the clip.

Fifth: Clean Flexi-tube & Filter

Once the metal ring is moved you can wiggle the tube off of its base.

To clean the filter you can take it apart & soak it in your hot water. When you put it back together ensure that the flat piece on the bottom is sticking into the rubber properly. You don’t want that black piece to move around at all. I made the mistake of not checking that and had to re-do this entire process.

Reattach the bottom


Sixth: Clean and Unclog K-Cup “Poker”

Attach the needle-head and use hot water to clean in and around the k-cup needle.


Seventh: Unclog the side piping

Force air through both holes as shown. The rightmost hole goes directly to the water reservoir opening and the leftmost hole goes to the piping inside the Keurig. Before beginning, shut the top and put a cup down to catch any water that is forced out.

You’ll feel more pressure on the left one. Make sure there aren’t any gaps around the injector and the rubber. You’ll hear a bubbling noise.


If yours is clogged you’ll see lots of coffee grinds or other gunk in the catching cup.

Eighth: Clean K-cup Holder

Use the needle attachment to force water through the holes in the k-cup holder.


Lastly: Run a Combination of Vinegar and Water through Machine

This “descales” and cleanses the machine. Keep adding water until the vinegar smell is gone. You may have to fill the reservoir 3-4 times. This is the true test to see if your Keurig will run a full cycle.


It should fill the WHOLE cup now! Yay!

Now: You deserve a coffee!

For me it was well worth the effort because I got my coffee and we saved lots of money in the process.







<3 Amber