Beard King Knockoff Bib

haircutting bib1I saw this incredible video while browsing the interwebs:

My kneejerk reaction was that I had to get one for Scott. With the click of a button I was on their website and they go for $30 a piece excluding shipping. Okay, okay it’s a pretty darn good idea…I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself (the story of my life) but IMO $30+ is a bit high. Beard King invented it and it’s brilliant…but not all of us are about that life (spending $30 on a cape with suction cups.) SO, I’ve decided to try to make my own. I want to credit them for the idea…but I also want other people with the time and supplies to make one of their own!

Valentine’s day gift anyone? What boyfriend/fiance/husband wouldn’t want to save time and the hassle of cleaning up after shaving? Especially men with serious beards! Or how about women who like to maintain their bangs? Think about how useful this can be.

It looks like a few others have had similar ideas. Amazon sells these–but only in the U.K:

Carlton Nonstick Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape Salon Barber Hairdressing Gown Family For Adult Haircut Barber Cloak Overclothes Cape Haircut Dye Hair Bibs Haircut Cape Khak

Hair Catch Cape Icc-40 Blue (Japan Import)

In other words…we can’t have them–Let’s make our own!

Here’s what I used:

  • Hair cutting cape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Suction cups with hooks
  • Sewing machine (you can totally do it by hand too)

Evidently, I find IMovie quite entertaining. I’d never used it before but with the click of a few buttons I had this silly little video:

In Detail:

I started by measuring my cape and figuring out how much I would cut off of each side.

Haircutting Bib

I decided I needed 9 or so inches from both sides. *(See Critique)

Haircutting Bib

I measured out the size for my pocket to use for later (9″x11″). I folded the material at the top, made the pocket two layers, and cut off additional fabric. When your pocket is attached you’ll notice that having two layers allows for an additional storage pocket, say, for a razor & comb.

haircutting bib

haircutting bibThen I  added the suction cups.

I cut two decent sized x’s on either side of the cape opposite the part that goes around your neck.

haircutting bib

Then, I poked them through and glued them to the fabric.

haircutting bib

Be sure not to over-glue it!

I proceeded to lightly iron my cape because I knew that sewing would be difficult in such a wrinkled state. I was very patient at first, using it at a moderately low temperature. Of course, I got impatient and turned up the heat. Oops…don’t try that at home.

haircutting bib

Make your loops: Most haircutting capes come with a loop on one side for hanging at the salon. This cape had one, so I finagled the other side into one by taking out some stitches, unfolding the little piece of fabric and turning it into a loop. It’s definitely smaller than the other side but it will serve its purpose.

haircutting bib

I pinned the pocket where I wanted it to be on the apron. I put it on the under side so it won’t get hair stuck in it during shaving/trimming.

haircutting bib

Sew your pocket on however you desire. I broke out my sewing machine. I’m not very proficient at sewing but it got the job done.haircutting bib

Add the magnetic buttons.  Simply cut two holes for the stakes and push them through. There should be an additional piece  to protect the side where the stakes will fold over. Add that piece and tighten.

haircutting bib

The Finished Product:

haircutting bib

haircutting bib

This was really a spur of the moment project and it took me hardly any time. It’s definitely imperfect…there are dangling strings in different places and of course a burn hole (which I need to sew!) but it’s still saving the hassle of cleaning up after shaving. Yahoo!

* A Couple Critiques:

  • The hubs wishes it was a bit shorter and I agree. When I make my next one  I will take 9″ from the bottom as well. This way the cape won’t cover your reflection when you stick the suction cups to the mirror and there will be more of a hammock effect when it’s hanging.
  • A different fabric will probably be more long lasting. The one I used is a silk-like material because it’s what I had on hand. The capes from Sally’s will probably work out even better.

haircutting bib

Overall, this project can cost around $17 and that’s being liberal.  Yay for half the cost and a fun, new DIY project to add to the mix!

  • My suction cups are from target ($2.99)
  • Sally’s sells capes (for between $5-10).
  • Magnetic buttons are sold at Wal-Mart ($4) but you also might get lucky and find them at the dollar store.

An overview of what you need to do:

Beard King Knockoff Bib
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Make the cape about 20-25" wide by cutting the sides Cut the extra fabric to the size you'd like your pocket/bag for the bib (I made mine 9"x11") Make hooks on the button side (to hang on suction cups when if you need a break of any sort) Prepare to fix any imperfections you may have in your cape (mine was used and had some rips). Attach suction cups, pocket & magnetic buttons.
Recipe type: Crafty
Serves: 1 Hair Catching Bib
  • A Cape
  • 2 Suction Cups
  • 1 Magnetic button (or close of choice)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White pencil for marking
  • Tape Measure
  • Thread & needle or Sewing Machine
  1. Make the cape about 20-25" wide by cutting the sides off
  2. Cut the extra fabric to the size you'd like your pocket/bag for the bib (I made mine 9"x11")
  3. Make loops (on the side that fastens around your neck) for hanging on suction cups if you need a break of any sort
  4. Prepare to fix any imperfections you may have in your cape (mine was used and had some rips)
  5. Make holes & push suction cups through
  6. Glue Suction Cups to fabric
  7. Sew pocket onto underside of bib (you'll know based on the suction cups)
  8. Attach magnetic buttons to bag while contents inside
  9. Voila!

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      Thanks! Every aspect of this post was so random, especially the video part. hahah. It’s definitely entertaining but I wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t just let me fill in the blanks! What a fun app (imovie)!

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