5 Minute Picture Holder Project

picture hanging proj1

Yesterday I was in a purging mood. Get. Rid. Of. Everything! I am on the minamlist track and every time I get rid of stuff (yea it’s just “stuff”) I feel like I’ve lifted 50 pounds from my shoulders. It’s so refreshing! But to make a long story short…I was sick of looking at photos that had no home. I was sticking them in tight spaces behind a frame and they would just stick out and look misplaced.

Here is the before & after:

picture hanging proj

See how cluttered it was? It’s small potatoes compared to the rest of the clutter throughout the house…but it was annoying me. It also allowed me to use some of the things in my craft drawer (meaning–less things in the craft drawer in the end!).

All I used was:

  • 3 flat wood pieces from home depot (they’re something like $.15 or $.25 a piece)
  • Clothes Pins (from the dollar store)
  • Leftover Magnetic Clipboard Clips (from dollar bin at target)
  • Wood Stain (for clothes pins)
    • You can leave them as is, paint them, stain them…whatever you want!
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paper bag (or newspaper…anything to protect the ground)

Most of my projects are spur of the moment and this one definitely  was.

I just so happened to see everything laying in the right place at the right time so I gave it a go.

picture hanging project

This was ridiculously easy. I just chose where to glue my pins and clips and before I knew it I was done. I didn’t even have to wait for it to dry (like I would have with Gorilla Glue). Now I can switch out the photos whenever I want and change them as the kiddos grow and things change. I’m missing a whole lot of family in these photos–but this was what I had from the holidays.

The holders also happen to match the shoe storage I have on the other side of the tv. Yayy! I think it’s the raw wood look. Anywho….hopefully I’ve inspired you to use some of the junk from you’re junk drawer ;-).

IMG_3785 IMG_3787 picture hanging


Have a great day!

<3 Amber

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  1. Angelina DeLuca Ayers says:

    Inexpensive, creative and useful…it’s the perfect craft! And who doesn’t need this idea??? (But would it look awful if I used the clips to hold the 4,629,403 sticky notes on my desk/counters/etc.??) Oh, the clutter…

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